• Westland - Immediate Openings
    Updated On: Aug 15, 2020
    The City of Westland is now recruiting for the position of Firefighter to establish an eligibility
    list. Applicants must meet the minimum requirements and complete the application and selection
    There are currently MULTIPLE BUDGETED POSITIONS OPEN, with more imminent
    retirements this year, along with 13 safer grant positions.
    Total earning potential of $95,799 as a 7 year Fire Fighter:
    • Applicant must be a citizen of the United States (Birth Certificate or Naturalization papers
    required at time of application).
    • Applicant must be at least 19 years of age
    • High School Diploma or GED required
    • Valid driver’s license required
    • Applicant must pass the conference of Western Wayne or EMPCO Written exam with a
    minimum score of 70%.
    • Applicant must have a valid CPAT from CWW or EMPCO unless they are currently employed
    by a full time fire department with less than 2 years on the job.
    • Applicant must have Firefighter I & II Certification and have a certificate of completion of a
    Paramedic class.
    • Applications will also be accepted if the applicant has a valid MI EMT-P license and is
    currently enrolled in Firefighter I & II.
    • Proof of above requirements must be submitted with application.
    How to Apply: Online application available at
    1. Salary:
    • Base Wage - $40,547 to $69,165 plus excellent fringe benefit package
    • 50.4 hour work week
    • Top paid Firefighter after 7 years of service
    2. Insurance:
    • Medical Insurance - 5 separate Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans available to pick from.
    Stipend for all members that opt out of health insurance ($1200 for single, $2400 for 2
    person, $3600 for family)
    • Dental Insurance - Delta Dental Program providing 80% of treatment costs ($1000
    annual/$1000 lifetime orthodontic).
    • Optical Insurance - Annual eye exam covered for every family member.
    Reimbursement coverage provided up to $125 per family member every 24 months.
    • Life Insurance - $70000 per Fire Fighter without any cost to the employee
    • Retiree Medical Insurance - No insurance is available to the retiree. Employees are
    enrolled in a Healthcare Savings Plan for Retiree Healthcare and the City contributes
    $3000 annually.
    3. Pension:
    • 345 Defined Benefit Pension Plan - 2.25% multiplier
    • Vested after 10 years of service
    • Eligible for retirement after 25 years of service, regardless of age
    • Final average compensation best 5 out of 10 years
    • employee contributes 5%
    • Annuity withdrawal option 100%
    • All unused sick and vacation time paid at 100%
    4. Holidays:
    • 180 hours paid every November
    • $3051 - 1 year Firefighter
    • $3315 - 2 year Firefighter
    • $3580 - 3 year Firefighter
    • $3846 - 4 year Firefighter
    • $4111 - 5 year Firefighter
    • $4375 - 6 year Firefighter
    • $4750 - 7 year Firefighter
    5. Vacation:
    • All vacation hours in excess of 300 hours are paid back at 100% annually
    • 0 to 3 years of service - 5 working days a year
    • 3 to 7 years of service - 7 working days a year
    • 7 to 10 years of service - 10 working days a year
    • 10 to 20 years of service - 11 working days a year
    • 20 + years of service - 12 working days a year
    6. Sick time:
    • Accrue 24 hours sick leave each month of employment
    • All sick leave hours in excess of 2016 hours are paid back at 100% annually
    • Employees that use less than 72 hours of sick leave annually are credited with an
    additional 72 hours of vacation.
    7. Personal time:
    • 96 hours personal time every year
    8. Trade Time:
    • Unlimited trade time
    9. Stipends and Bonuses:
    • $1500 - Uniform Stipend
    • $1500 - Food Allowance
    • $1000 - EMT Bonus
    10. Firefighter Training & Education Pay
    • $500 - $3000 annually, depending on qualifications
    11. Tuition Reimbursement
    • Tuition refund up to $2500 annually

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